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We want a council which:

  • is professional, friendly and easy to reach

  • is responsible to the people it represents

  • is willing to serve all the different neighbourhoods within Bexhill

  • prioritises the health and well-being of the people of Bexhill 

  • will keep the town smart, green and flourishing

  • will support the regeneration of 0ur town as we emerge from Covid 19

  • provides activities which will interest children, young people and adults

  • will introduce innovative projects which will make life better for local people

  • can help with employment, housing and entertainment

  • will raise money from outside sources

  • works closely with, and listens to, residents, businesses and community groups who do so much for the town

  • will make us all proud!

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There are town councils up and down the country serving their towns, giving them a facelift, providing a tourist office, giving jobs advice to young people, hiring out e-bikes, improving street lighting or bus shelters, providing information for tenants and leaseholders, setting up children’s playcentres, even creating a cinema!
Below are just a few ideas about the difference your town council could make to Bexhill...
  • set up a post-COVID recovery plan, to help support those who have suffered so much in the last year

  • smarten up the town, improve our pavements and streets, provide additional ramps for wheelchairs and buggies, plant more trees and green areas.

  • set up a ‘one-stop’ hub with outreach where residents could drop in and chat to councillors. This centre could provide information and support to local clubs and groups, give housing advice, and provide information about local buses, local walks and tourist attractions.

  • take over the events and leisure budgets for Bexhill to work more closely with the people of Bexhill on enjoyment, leisure and fitness for all ages. 

  • establish a new Bexhill Town Council website with a town calendar of events, a comprehensive directory of local clubs, charities and services, and clear signposts to sources of help.

  • look after allotments, playing fields, parks, beaches, and other types of leisure facilities

  • support new services for children, young people or the elderly

  • initiate projects on housing, green spaces, employment or loneliness

  • consult residents about a neighbourhood plan for the town, which will enable the Town Council to have more influence over planning decisions

Your town your council