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At this exciting time for the future of Bexhill, we continue to enlist the help of as many supportive residents as possible. This can take as little or as much time as you can spare. There are two main ways: 
1. Why not consider standing as a councillor in 2023?
This is a great way to make a difference to your town, and we are hoping it should be enjoyable too! Bexhill Together candidates all stand as independents. Most l have supported the idea of a town council for Bexhill over the years and all share a positive vision of listening to and working with residents.
If you would like to know more, then please take a look at our core values on the Home page and our agreed ways of working below, then get in touch through our contact page, email or telephone 07855365644. Someone from our group will respond as soon as possible.    
2. Help us put the word out
We are a relatively new group, so we need everyone in Bexhill to know we exist 
  • Send us your email address and ask to join our mailing list
  • Volunteer to distribute fliers or put up posters
  • Help with our 2023 pre-election doorstep campaign. Get the word out there. Recruit more supporters from your friends and family
  • Distribute fliers at your workplace or club
  • Support us on social media
  • Come along to any organised event (online or in person) 
  • Perhaps you have useful expertise or experience to offer us
  • Consider making a small donation towards our campaign costs (We are all self-funded)  Donations can be made by via PayPal or by contacting us for our bank details. Please note that, due to election rules, we are unable to accept anonymous donations.

Our Agreed Ways of Working

  • We believe that the purpose of the Town Council is to support and serve residents and the community in Bexhill.

  • Standing as a town council candidate is a serious responsibility.  We aim to conduct ourselves professionally, and continue to learn about our roles and responsibilities.

  • We work in a positive way to ensure and promote the success of the Town Council, whose value we believe in.

  • We work together. We do not tolerate bullying or any other actions which could impact adversely on our group or its individual members.

  • We talk to each other, not about each other. We hold an open forum where anything can be discussed, but it should be considered confidential.

  • We are inclusive and promote equal opportunities. We promote flexible ways of working which enable councillors to attend meetings.

  • We aim to recruit members from a wide range of ages, experience and background, but will only have two Bexhill Together candidates per ward. We give priority to Bexhill Together candidates who were previously elected.

  • All opinions can be voiced. We welcome robust discussion, but we treat each other with courtesy, respect, kindness and good humour.

  • We use social media carefully, ensuring that all our posts represent the courteous and positive ethos of our group.

Thank you for your support

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Your town your council