Standing as a Town Councillor is a wonderful way of serving your local community, even if you can only spare a small amount of time. There is plenty of really good advice on government and local association websites to advise you about what's involved, and we recommend that anyone interested takes a look at one of these links. 
You might also be interested in the information below, which sets out how Bexhill Together perceives the role of town councillor

Town (or parish) councils are the most local tier of local government. It’s important that councillors reflect and represent the communities they serve and have supported the creation of a Bexhill town council over time. Between them, the new councillors will have a broad range of ages, skills and life experience. Skills gained through raising a family, caring for a sick or disabled relative, running a business, working in a professional or practical environment, volunteering or being active in community groups are all of value.

It would certainly help if you:

  • enjoy talking and listening to residents

  • can work as a part of a team

  • are a good communicator

  • enjoy solving problems

  • are passionate about the town

  • have a sense of humour!      


There's no need to worry if you don’t  feel that you have all the skills needed. The council will provide support, information and training for its councillors.

You do need a bit of spare time, but it can vary. A good town council will try and work around your professional or childcare needs. Town Councillors are not paid.

What is involved?

As a democratically-elected local representative, you are in a unique and privileged position – and can make a real difference to people's lives.

Your residents will expect you to:

  • respond to their queries 

  • communicate council decisions that affect them

  • know your patch and be aware of any problems

  • know and work with representatives of local organisations, interest groups and businesses

  • represent their views at council meetings


Working together with the community should be at the heart of modern local government. Town councils need to work in partnership with local groups and businesses – including the public, voluntary, community and private sectors – to develop and implement a vision for their local area. They should take a collaborative approach to improving services and the quality of life for all citizens in the local area.

There are also some inspiring views from existing local councillors in this video... 

Your town your council