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We believe in local democracy. We are independents and not led by party politics. We want a Town Council which listens and responds to residents and works together with both business and community groups. We care about our town and are passionate about delivering value for money and imaginative solutions to regenerating our lovely town as we emerge from the restrictions of COVID 19.
If you would like to join us as a candidate or supporter, please have a look at our agreed ways of working below. Visit our 'Get Involved' page for further details about how you can help. 
Our Group Values
  • We aim to recruit a wide range of ages, experience and backgrounds.

  •  We all have a proven record of supporting the establishment of a Town Council for Bexhill.

  •  We wish to create a visionary and vibrant Town Council which improves the lives of Bexhill residents

  • We work together. We do not tolerate bullying or any other actions which could impact adversely on our group or its individual members.

  • We talk to each other, not about each other. We respect the privacy of the group.

  • We are inclusive. We support flexible ways of working which meet individual needs such as the need for childcare.

  • We welcome robust discussion, but we treat each other with courtesy and respect.

  • We use social media carefully, ensuring that all our posts represent the courteous and positive ethos of our group.

  • Standing as a town council candidate is a serious responsibility, and we aim to conduct ourselves professionally. We also work with good humour and enjoyment.  

  • We believe in listening and responding to the community and that individual party political views should not be relevant to the day to day running of a Town Council.      

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" 

(African proverb)